Legal Cases in the News

If you find yourself involved in a case that becomes of interest to the general public, you’ll need counsel that knows how to effectively communicate and deal with the press on your behalf while protecting your legal concerns. I have had many cases dating back to the 1980's that have become the subject of local and national media. I will appropriately represent your interests in the public arena in high profile litigation.

Public Profiled Cases

Second Degree Murder

About the Case - "This man saved my life. I was charged with 2nd degree murder and felt hopeless. Bryan laid it all out for me. Worst case lose at trial and get 15 years. Deal, best we can get is 10 years (Pierce County DA bullies for deals). We negotiated back and forth multiple times and they wouldn't come down. Bryan never EVER told me what to do. He always asked for what I thought and felt. I would get the Pros and Cons and then make a decision and he would not question it once it was made. I chose Trial. He promised he would do everything possible to fight for my innocence. Bryan was calling me at 7pm, while he was changing his sprinkler heads, to work on my testimony. When he arrives at the courtroom in front of the jury he is sharp. Bryan shines when it comes to relating to the jury. We went up against a very good prosecutor. I would say they were equal in analytical skills of the law. But wowww Bryan was miles ahead when it came to presenting my case to the jury. His wording, charisma, and body language I believe was the difference. I didn't think I could take the stand (nerves) but his relentless coaching made my testimony work. We made a 20 page document outlining the testimony. This guy works hard. I got a full acquittal based on self defense and now have my life back."

Parental Kidnapping

About the Case - woman accused of taking her son from the country, to save him from a father who was molesting him, was the subject of an international manhunt for over one decade. Ultimately, the subject was captured and tried. Following significant negative press, she received an 8 to 4 hung jury, in favor an acquittal, resulting in a plea deal with a dismissal of all felonies, and the plea to a gross misdemeanor.

Second Degree Murder

About the Case - teenager accused of murdering baby in her care, charges of 2nd degree murder were dismissed with prejudice two and a half weeks into the trial. Case follow-up.

Perjury & Conspiracy to Commit Perjury, Resulting from a Murder Conspiracy

About the Case - in a widely publicized case, resulting in a five co-defendant trial that lasted months, a man was accused of being the ringleader of a conspiracy to commit perjury to protect his brother during a murder investigation. Following a lengthy trial, the alleged leader of the conspiracy was acquitted, while his co-defendants were convicted and imprisoned.

Second Degree Assault

About the Case - in a case wherein an accused was alleged to have held his wife hostage in a boat for approximately 20 years, in order to collect on disablity checks. In the face of international media vilifying the accused, the first trial resulted in an 8 to 4 hung jury in favor of acquittal

Second Degree Rape

About the Case - man convicted of third-degree rape, case was appealed and overturned, case was dismissed on second degree rape charges during the trial

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